This week I made a few different bouquets for my client- one for the perfect hostess gift, one for a friend in the hospital and the last one for a teenager’s birthday party. I usually pick┬áthe same color flower in varying hues and add one flower for texture. I’m not a big fan of too many color combinations or too many different blooms; less is MORE. The STATEMENT is greater. I also like to use one type of flower (like the bouquet I did above) for a modern spin on a traditional flower.

How to get the look:

grab a large bunch of flowers and arrange in your hands

when your satisfied with the look, cut the stems to the desired length

add a bow (think outside the box and pick a contrasting color) or raffia for a more organic look

Congratulations! you just made yourself a fabulous bouquet

Tips for better flower arranging

when arranging make sure to let your flowers “breathe” they look best when arranged organically- like they would grow in your garden; not jammed in your vase! Remember flowers will expand as their blooms open

for woody-stemmed flowers (think hydrangeas or lilacs) split the stems several inches up from the bottom- you want to expose the white inner part of the stem to water

for bulbs and tubers (think tulips and iris) score the bottoms of the stems- the ends will curl up and they’ll drink more water

cut the stems at an angle and put them in water immediately

use warm water (not cold) for all your flowers except hydrangeas- they like hot water. Fill vases about three-quarters full with water; flowers are thirsty! For tulips just use a small amount of water

for all flowers except tulips, recut the stems, clean the vase and change the water every 2 or 3 days





posted August 31, 2013

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