Designing a kitchen is no walk in the park; many factors go into play- function and movement to name a few. As in any design, there are also limiting factors, with this project the client did not want to build out- so I was left with the existing dimensions and needed to figure out a floor plan that would allow for the most counter space while allowing for enough space  for a family of five.

For me everything is about the client- I get to know their likes and dislikes, colors they gravitate toward and how they envision using the place. Some clients really want to be involved and others are more hands-off. This particular client was the latter… I knew we wanted to take out the old tile flooring and bring in hardwood floors- knowing that the floors were  dark; I wanted something that had a moody sagey green feel to it. I came across these images in a magazine (where I usuaslly go for inspiration) to create the concept for the kitchen remodel. I loved how the counter and sink were the same material; something I modeled in my own design, using Caesar Stone and creating a custom sink that created a seamless look.

Here’s what I did

  •  removed the bay window seating (how many people really use that space anyway??)
  • removed the wall and door between the kitchen and dining room to open up the two spaces (see photo above)
  • many people many not realize this but a sure way to create a larger space without moving walls is to change your flooring. Since the two adjoining rooms were both hardwood floors- I changed the kitchen to match (check out the process here)



You can see the finished project here


posted August 20, 2013

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