I had such a great time putting together another event this month. Dinner was served in the garden- family style that we prepared along with dessert from a local bakery and we had an awesome candy and dessert bar (literally the hit of the night!) It’s always such fun putting together a menu for an event, I’m no chef but I love cooking and I’m becoming a great student! Shopping for ingredients, talking to farmers and butcher’s, and establishing relationships is so important to me. I shop at farmers markets and buy local as much as I can; coming from a background in organic farming, there really isn’t any other option.

My flowers for events usually come from the San Francisco Flower Mart and this time I played on the fact that my client was having a baby girl so I used delicate and feminine baby tea roses and sweet peas, veronica for added whimsy, sweet anne’s lace and green hydrangea for texture, along with some other fillers. I like mixing old jars and medicine bottles for organic and airy centerpieces throughout the table- pair with old and new china and you have a lovely table. A great way of thinking about designing a tablescape is the famous bridal rhyme;

something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”

I love antiques, so I’m always shopping at flea markets and using different pieces of china and stemware or even a old french tablecloth to capture this feeling (the best is when you can find one that has a monogram on them-love this!) It’s time to bring out the china that’s been passed down in our families, or start collecting a pattern or a color-way that appeals to you. I have my classic bone color dishes and platters as well as my china collection from my mother but I am also collecting new patterns that I fall in love with. You can also reverse the idea and use modern plates with vintage stemware. For this event, I used a variety of different vintage wine glasses that had a hint of color which added another layer to the table. Or have a vintage table-scape but add modern flowers (this is usually executed by having the same vase or one color flower theme throughout the centerpiece.)

The point is to start opening up your cabinets and start experimenting with what you already have… The idea of something blue is by far my favorite; this is the concept that whenever you design a space, there needs to be one element in that room that is a bit off – the statement piece that shows your personality– the thing that everyone will talk about and say I should of done that. This could be playing with scale and proportion, adding in that POP of color, or something that truly defines you, maybe it’s a super cool piece of art you collected or made. The point is to have a plan, make it fun and cohesive, layered and You!!


posted September 14, 2013

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