WHAT I’M READING: Inside the California Food Revolution

WHAT I’M READING: Inside the California Food Revolution

Daily menus, open kitchens, and women chefs may seem commonplace in today’s restaurants, but 40 years ago they were downright radical.Coming out of the social upheavals of the 1960s, California chefs, farmers, and food artisans of the 1970s bucked tradition in the kitchen and the fields, stirring a culinary revolution that has reverberated around the world. Former Chez Panisse chef Joyce Goldstein (pictured above) opened Square One– among the first San Francisco restaurants to adjust menus daily and pair wines by the glass. She’s been actively involved in the food world ever since, writing cookbooks, menu designing, and an avid farmers market patron.

Ms. Goldstein interviewed over 200 chefs, critics, food artisans, winemakers and restaurateurs, who played a part in the 30-year shift in the California food culture to write Inside The California Food Revolution. Goldstein explains how views on California food culture with profiles of those who played a part in its development—Inside the California Food Revolution demonstrates that, while fresh produce and locally sourced ingredients are iconic in California, what transforms these elements into a unique cuisine is a distinctly Western culture of openness, creativity and collaboration. Goldstein’s storytelling is enthralling; a must read for anyone who cares about food and curiosity for where it all started.

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posted November 2, 2013

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