PEONY the flower of radiance

I think most people have an affinity for peonies, maybe it’s their much anticipated appearance in spring by garden enthusiasts or their wildly beautiful blooms but not many flowers have THIS much impact throughout their flowering life. I picked up my first bouquet of the season this week at the flower mart. So excited! Have you ever really watched their transformation? Pure pleasure. My go to color is white- elegant and pure, with a mass of petals that resemble fluffy white clouds.

Usually we see these lovelies in red, pink, or white- or on rare occasions, yellow will make an appearance. I’ve had the pleasure to work with the yellow varieties before which produced the most gorgeous bouquet for a client’s party. If you ever spot the yellow one’s- GRAB THEM!! Trust me. You won’t be disappointed.


In herbal medicine, the root of the peony is a liver tonic and used alongside licorice root to treat diseases stemming from an imbalance of the liver. It is also a good blood purifier, useful in treating skin eruptions and infections. Peony is also very useful in treating all female irregularity, calming the nerves and coughs.


Select buds that are just open enough to show their colors so you can enjoy them as long as possible. I love using an old pitcher or my favorite antique vase- mix in a few closed buds with ones that have just started to bloom to give your arrangement a bit of contrast and dimension. Viola!!








posted April 22, 2014

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