HILARY ROBERTSON: the stuff of life


Hilary Robertson has been one of my inspirations for awhile now. Every since I came across her effortless styling and still life work, she continues to provoke and inspire me whenever I see something she has created. As a budding photographer, I’m inspired most by negative space in a composition, my eye goes more to the negative, the breathing space, as I always say. A place for your eye to rest before you bounce back to the objects in the composition. The play between opposites always lends inspiration and I find no one better at captivating this then Ms. Robertson.

“Creating something beautiful is compelling and addictive. It’s meditation of sorts and, I suspect, just as good for the soul. You don’t need anything except for your eye, your chosen objects, and an idea of what you would like to achieve in an aesthetic sense. Even if nothing else in your room pleases you, you can transform one surface to your own satisfaction.

When you are engaged in setting up a still life, there will always be another way to do things, another possible configuration, but it is up to you to decide when the composition is finished. Sometimes the greatest satisfaction comes from dismantling a composition, probably because that’s when it starts to feel less contrived.


Set it up, then mess it up‘ seems to be the stylist’s mantra.”

                                                                                           ~Hilary Robertson


THE STUFF OF LIFE by Hilary Robertson can be purchased at

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posted June 3, 2014


joanna laven

Sometimes all it takes is one shot to provoke inspiration.

The photo is the entryway of stylist Joanna Laven’s  Stockholm apartment.

The chandelier is a 1958 Gino Sarfatti design, the sideboard is by Arne Vodder, and the floor lamp is Italian. Chair is from Scandia Chair and the plant stand is by Fornasetti.

Not too shabby… can’t say I wouldn’t mind coming home to this.

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posted June 3, 2014


JULIE_BLACKMON Where does the time go? It’s been awhile since I posted anything. Work can do that. My photo’s will be up soon to show what I’ve been up to. So, excited. But, today I’m sharing a photo from one of my favorite photographers Julie Blackmon. Love this photo; sweet little girl…

I hope you enjoy.

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posted June 2, 2014


Are you looking for something different for the home? Maybe a new idea for a hostess gift or party favor? Well, here are a few of my finds, recently discovered that I hope you enjoy.


stoneware flower vase by Clam Lab


porcelain  espresso cups by Art et Manufacture 


 recycled paper bird napkins by Provisions



hand-poured travel candles by Kaufmann Mercantile



hand-forged carbon steel die-cast blades with sand-cast brass handles by Rupalee


finishing salts on the go from Jacobsen Salt Co


bottle + corker from Kaufmann Mercantile



Letter-pressed die-cut cards from Egg Press

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posted May 5, 2014



I’m fascinated by restraint. Or maybe it’s editing? Probably both, depending on how you look at it, but I’m constantly evaluating the things I have: giving away, donating, moving the house around. On and on she goes… I just DO NOT like to have TOO much stuff.


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posted May 1, 2014


spot hooks3


spot hooks


spot hooks 2

Can you believe it’s the LAST day of APRIL?? Where did the time go? Already four months into 2014… Yikes! Well, if my horoscope is correct (yes, I like signs and astro stuff) this year is suppose to be; “one for the books” !?! So, I’m going with it. At least for now…

Anyway, this post is just a quickie. I found these super cool and fun hooks the other day and wanted to share. Spot Hooks are designed by the British company Noble & Wood; made of leather and metal- they create a colorful way to hang clothes or bags.

Check out their website for other colors or to purchase your hooks here.





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posted April 30, 2014