Daffodils are the harbinger of springtime. With blades of grass-green stems and trumpet-like blooms of buttercream-yellow or apricot-hued, these spring beauties are nothing but a delight to have around the house this time of year.

Somehow my days alway’s seem brighter with these lovelies on my desk.

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posted April 29, 2014



I recently had the pleasure of checking out bay area resident Ana Teresa Fernandez’ work at Gallery Wendi Norris here in San Francisco. The exhibition; Foreign Bodies “explores how women navigate the geographic, social, and physiological boundaries between the United States and Mexico. Documenting her performances and installations using photography and the painted image, Fernández’s work reveals how women’s bodies become surfaces imprinted with political and social upheavals.”

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posted April 28, 2014

Thoughts on a Thursday


 “What I’ve tried to do for years is tell people to really look at what’s happening in their world and use that as inspiration for their home,” Wolf says. “Inspiration doesn’t always come from obvious sources. Sometimes it comes from the color of the sky or the water. The important thing is to keep your eyes open and appreciate the beauty that’s all around us.”

~Vicente Wolf, interior designer

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posted April 24, 2014




Looking for a new way to store your broom? Well, look no farther. The Tipped Barn Broom from Minam offers an elegant way to store your broom while creating art for your wall.

Handmade from corn husks, then dipped in indigo dye.

Find this broom here and shop for other home accessories at

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posted April 23, 2014



 PEONY the flower of radiance

I think most people have an affinity for peonies, maybe it’s their much anticipated appearance in spring by garden enthusiasts or their wildly beautiful blooms but not many flowers have THIS much impact throughout their flowering life. I picked up my first bouquet of the season this week at the flower mart. So excited! Have you ever really watched their transformation? Pure pleasure. My go to color is white- elegant and pure, with a mass of petals that resemble fluffy white clouds.

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posted April 22, 2014




You know how in life, sometimes exactly what your looking for somehow always lands at your feet? Or in my case, in my hands. Well, I’ve been pondering the creative process lately (maybe a bit heavy for some) but, my world is visual and to be able to create the world I see in my mind can be challenging. I’ve been teaching myself new things and getting frustrated at the not so pleasant outcome (why does it take me 3x longer to get a good photo?) or simply questioning the process entirely. The thing is- all these feelings are normal, as long as I dust yourself off and keep moving forward. If I wasn’t out there on a daily basis discovering and pushing myself, I wouldn’t be growing creatively- plus it’s always amazing to look back on the progress you’ve made.

As Steve Jobs once said, “in the process is the magic,” and he got fired from the company he built! Just think about where our world would be if he decided to pack it in and stop exploring?

I rather not.

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posted April 21, 2014